Treasurer's Frequently Asked Questions


How many tax bills do I get per year?
You get two tax bills each year.  The summer tax bill comes out July 01 and the winter       
tax bill comes out December 01.
When are current summer tax bills due?
Current summer taxes are due 08/31/2017.
When are current winter tax bills due?
Current winter taxes are due 02/28/2018. 
What form of payment do you accept for payment of taxes?
We accept personal check, certified check, money order or cash.
Can I make a partial payment on my taxes?
Yes, partial payments are accepted.  After the summer due date (August 31), there is a
1% penalty per month on the unpaid balance.
When are current taxes considered delinquent?
All current taxes are due 02/28/2018.  They turn delinquent to the County 03/01/2018. 
Current summer taxes can be paid to the City after the due date of 08/31/2017, with
additional penalty of 1% per month until 02/28/2018.
How do I pay delinquent taxes?
Contact the Macomb County Treasurer’s Office at (586) 469-5190.
If I have a question regarding my tax bill, who do I contact?
You may contact the City Treasurer, Michael Switalski's office at (586) 445-5420 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.






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