Posting Bond

Macomb County Circuit Court Approved Bond Agent / Companies

To ensure that an individual is eligible for bond and what the total bond amount is, call the police department front desk at 586-447-4483.

The bond can be paid with cash, credit/debit card, or when applicable, through the use of an approved bond agent. If a credit/debit card is used there is an additional fee (for the company that services the transaction) above any other fees associated with posting a bond.

A subject charged with OWI (drunk driving) is not eligible for release, even if the bond has been posted, until considered sober. A chart is used to indicate the length of time a subject will be held, based on test results.

The Department will accept bond posting for other jurisdiction's warrants, there is an additional fee.

Where to post the bond:

  • If the individual is still being detained at the Roseville Police department detention facility, you can come into the front desk of the department to post the bond. Or post the bond in the 39th District Court, if they are open.
  • If the individual has been transferred to the Macomb County jail, you can post the bond at the jail. Please keep in mind that if the 39th District Court is open you will be required to post the bond at the court for any charges related to Roseville investigations and then pick the subject up at the jail.