Public Services

Statement of Services

The Department of Public Services is responsible for the entire City's infrastructure. This is done with the collaborated efforts of five divisions.

The Water and Sewer Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance and improvements to both the water supply and sanitary sewer system, which includes over 150 miles of water and sanitary sewer main. Our mission is to provide safe and affordable water and sewer services to our residents, along with sufficient pressures for fire protection.

The Highway Division maintains the 130 miles of roadway within the city. This includes the repair of potholes, painting of crosswalks, repair or replacement of signage, cutting of right-of-way grass, snow removal, and street sweeping. Our forestry crew maintains approximately 9000 trees within the city's right-of-way.

The Parks Maintenance Division's main responsibility is to take care of the 9 parks located in the city, from general maintenance to grooming of baseball diamonds and soccer fields.

The Sanitation Division oversees the trash removal and recycling done by Green for Life (GFL). This division is also responsible for the maintenance of our stormwater system. As part of the MDEQ Phase 2 Storm Water Permit System, illegal discharges into the system are investigated.

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The Mechanics Division maintains the City's entire fleet of vehicles and equipment, from lawnmowers to fire trucks. All are kept in excellent running condition, ensuring a long and effective life.

The City of Roseville issues all employees pictured identification; always ask to check I.D. before allowing someone into your home. If you are uncertain, you should call the Roseville D.P.S. 586-445-5466 or the Roseville Police Department 586-775-2100.

Through the work of the above divisions, we are proud to keep Roseville a community that is a pleasure in which to work and to live.