Where can I call for help?
  • PPO Office 586-469-7494: Assistance filling out PPO forms, safety planning, and finding counseling and shelter.
  • Lake Shore Legal Aid 888-783-8190: Free legal assistance for those who qualify.
  • Macomb County Bar Association 586-469-8300: Low-cost initial consultation with a lawyer.
  • Turning Point, Inc. 586-463-6990: Free domestic and sexual violence counseling and emergency shelter.
    • Turning Point Crisis line 586-463-4430

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1. What is a PPO?
2. How to apply for a PPO?
3. What if I am a minor or an incapacitated person?
4. What does the Court need to know?
5. When will the PPO go into effect?
6. What do I do after a PPO is issued?
7. What if the respondent violates the PPO?
8. How do I modify, terminate, or extend the PPO?
9. Where can I call for help?